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 Part 1/1 Soft, bright and beautiful she bloomed,  Subtly and delicately she groomed, Frail, pure and pristine her petals are, She is free from any scar, Her freshness is enough to despair gloom, One can cherish her beauty in the full moon, She was taught to be aware of world’s thorn, Careful from their spell, Otherwise, this leads you to mourn. Part 2/3 But now look at her, She was enfolded by your colours, The flashback of groped and assault, Made her think all was her fault,  The voices of society echoed in her brain, All you only is just a “stain”. Part3/3 Look how she used to be, But now your starve and thirst has changed her colours,  Her roots are dry, Her petals are dark, She pretends to be normal, But her inner is dismal, Her mind is faint, Her heart is fade, Her inner wish is to bloom again, But her hollow soul stops her to hope again, Everybody tranquilise her that she will get justice one day,  But deep down she knows it’s not a fairy tale,  Real-world is cruel and fake, Th