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Relentless Efforts!

 Independence Day- The most important day for any country to celebrate the true spirit of patriotism and dedication towards his or her nation. It would not be wrong to say that whenever 14th August (Jashn-e-Azadi) day comes, it reloads all the efforts and sacrifices of our ancestors. Thanks to them that we are standing in a bountiful land where we can eat, breathe, walk, speak and live freely; I repeat FREELY!  We have always talked about the bad aspects of our country; aspects like it has been recognized as a terrorist nation, is involved in massive corruption, is an under-developed nation or has a label of s 3rd world country. But no one ever talks about the geniuses it has created, the one who lightened up the name of PAKISTAN not only nationally but also on the international levels.  Let’s enlist a few of them. So, only a 17 years old chap was recognized as a scientist from our beloved country; he is Muhammad Shaheeer Niazi who has done research on electric honeycomb that was recen

Happy Independence Day

Pakistan, a country of passion and enthusiasm, is enriched with love, emotions, affection that bonds her citizens to her from every corner of Earth. That's why Independence day holds a very special place in every Pakistani's heart around the world. Fellows celebrate it in various ways. Some get excited at midnight and gather on roads for commemoration. Some lighten up their houses with candles, lights, etc. Little flags, banners and badges are keys to joy for the people of every age. It always spread the feel of a gigantic festival across the country. The nation, being always emotional and overwhelmed about the historic revolution, revise and recall it every year through songs, speeches, acts, skits and many more. But the glamorous historic nation seems to have a low flight just after the independence and today, it is not wrong to say it a failure as a nation! We, though got independence from the oppressors above us but in our own toxic, self-centred spheres, became slaves of