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Present is healing us

We all were living miserable lives, in this modern world surrounded by the business, heads down to the digital world when our window was open and money plant pulp was breeding out beautiful, our souls were getting lost, minds were getting overloaded. We were getting departed from our centers, our social greetings grew larger at clubs, parties, etc. On the other hand, we were getting unaware of our home walls, leading to unrealized destruction, destroying ourselves, our bodies were about to run out of work. They needed healing time, they needed isolation which we could not afford, then the Almighty did it as a mercy to our souls but misery to our minds because we have tamed our minds as machines which only process and never look at the backup for any emergencies.
We were becoming slaves, slaves of modernity, growth, economy, power and He threw His anger upon us, our bodies are entrusted by Him & shall return back to Lord. Our selves needed care, protection, and love which we never bothered, so He made the situation harder, circumstances crucial, and society distant, isolated, alone, free from every being.
This isolation is a blessing we were longing from our past. It's not a Quarantine. It's a healing period, for nature to produce more fruitful citruses, trees to shade more widely, waters to splash with more strength, earth to regenerate the environment she'd long lost. It's the time to connect to the old wooden frame at the corner wall of the lounge and see how beautiful the old trunk at your veranda was, which you put down to have store cottage. It's the time to see how lively it is to see rose bulb coming out and opening into a complete alluring flower. It is the time to connect dots, from birth to death, motion to pause, food for thoughts, and souls to part.
Let's gather,
Let's gather to save!
Let's gather to isolate!


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